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Tailor-Made  Recycling Services

At NW Global Resources, we are fully aware that every manufacturing company is unique. In turn, your recycling needs also require special attention and we’re always here to extend the support you need. Our tailor-made approach backed by our experience in rubber &textile recycling ensures that our on-site solutions are worth your consideration. We have worked with a variety of businesses, each with its own diverse requirements. Verily, we are able to provide value-maximizing services that feature:

  • Complementary site evaluation

  • Waste management

Service 1


Why waste perfectly reusable materials and add to already heaping landfills? With our reprocessing service, you can reduce your carbon footprint. We use the best equipment to render your old/discard materials into reusable elements within the production process. Not only do you save money, but you can let your customers know of eco-friendly practices within your manufacturing processes. We can help you with everything from shredding and sorting to extrusion and sustainable disposal.

Service 2

Personalized Material Services

We are known for our reliable sourcing capabilities which introduce more efficiency within your supply chain. Serving our clients through highly bespoke solutions is our top priority which is why we take our time to understand the customer’s requirements before sourcing any materials. Not just that but our experts connect the client with trustworthy buyers so they can sell outdated items instead of throwing them away.

Service 3
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