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Recycled Plastic



NW Global Resources offers one-of-a-kind post-industrial material solutions to manufacturing companies specializing in rubber & textile products. Our goal is to extend an unmatched level of convenience to our client through our highly bespoke sourcing and recycling services. We are spearheaded by a team of professionals with over 13 years of experience in the industry. Rest assured; our standards are perfectly aligned with leading benchmarks to ensure the integrity of our service.



At NW Global Resources, our job is to take care of the post-production material. We know that you want to work with a company that values eco-friendly practices. As the world shifts toward sustainability, it is our mission to reclaim and recycle all sorts of materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. Thus, with the right kind of techniques, even seemingly unrecyclable materials can be reused. Needless to say, we rely on 100% effective strategies that never fail to disappoint.


When it comes to choosing a company for your recycling needs, you must make sure that they are equipped with the right tools and resources. Since the day we set up, NW Global Resources has been immersed in the curation of state-of-the-art equipment to recycle post-industrial waste. Rest assured, we can recycle your rubber and textile products in an eco-safe manner.


In that, you don’t have to worry about property claims when you hire us as your materials are physically or chemically changed yielding near-to-new raw materials.


This allows you to work free of any worries, make the most of the resources at your disposal and stick to recycle friendly standards without any legal hassle.


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